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Lower Jogmai Khola Hydropower Project - 6.2 MW

Salient Features Project Developed By

Asian Hydropower Ltd.

Lower Jogmai Khola Hydropower Project is a simple Run Off River type hydropower project located in Ilam District of eastern Nepal. The project lies at the end reach of Jogmai River within close proximity of Mai Beni Hydropower Project, where the river meets the Mai river. The Installed Capacity of the project is 6.2 MW. The project is easily accessible via multiple access roads at the moment. The easiest access to the project is through a 3 km road from Mechi highway at Silpur which has been upgraded by the project. 33/132 kV Godak substation is only 4km away from the powerhouse for power evacuation.

The detail design of the project is in progress. The project has embarked on construction since May 2019. The easy access to the project area, simple conventional project components, guaranteed power evacuation and conducive work environment provide a compelling opportunity for commissioning of the project within a short span of 18 months’ time.

  • Project Strength
    • Easily Accessible, within 3 Km of Mechi Highway
    • Already available access road to Surge tank and Powerhouse
    • Available Construction Power from NEA grid
    • Guaranteed Power Evacuation at Godak Substation
    • Very close to ongoing project Mai Beni HPP
    • Transmission Line can be shared with Mai Beni HPP

  • Progress Updates
    • Updated Feasibility Study completed
    • Detailed Engineering Design on progress
    • Power Purchase Agreement Signed with NEA
    • Design review completed by International Consultant Integral S.A.
    • Access Road Development completed
    • Approval of Initial Environmental Examination Report obtained
    • Land Acquisition ongoing
    • Generation License obtained
    • Installation of Construction Power in progres
    • Construction of civil works assigned to CE Construction Pvt. Ltd.; mobilization started
    • Site enabling works such as camp & storage yard construction and installation of crusher plant in progress
    • Design of Hydromechanical equipment in progress
    • Contract awarded to Flovel Energy Pvt. Ltd. for Electromechanical works; Design of Electromechanical equipment in progress
    • The signing ceremony of Syndicated Loan Agreement for Lower Jogmai Khola Hydropower Project (6.2 MW) with NMB Bank Ltd. as Lead Bank and Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. as a participating bank was completed on 30th May 2019.
    • Financial Closure concluded on 30th May 2019