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Mai Beni Hydropower Project - 9.51 MW

Salient Features Project Developed By

Samling Power Company Ltd.

Located in the middle reach of Mai river in Ilam district in eastern part of Nepal, Mai Beni Hydropower Project is a runoff river type hydropower project with an installed capacity of 9.51 MW. The project is the pilot project of Urja Developers Pvt. Ltd., and has undergone construction works since May 2018. The components of the project lie between 490 m and 645 m above mean sea level, all of which are accessible through access roads constructed by the project itself. All the major components of the project are within 5 km distance from Mechi highway.

Rapid progress in the construction works are ongoing to meet the target commissioning date of the project of September 2020.

  • Project Strength
    • Easily Accessible; Entire Project in Ilam Municipality
    • Easy and Independent Access to Project Components : Headworks, Powerhouse and Alignment
    • Construction Power from NEA grid
    • Guaranteed Power Evacuation at Godak Substation
    • Different Options available for Transmission Line
    • Conductive Local Environment, with already 8 projects in Operation in Ilam in the range of 70 MW
    • Readily available Construction Materials
    • Hydro-mechanical and Electromechanical tenders in advance stage of award
    • Highly Experienced Project Management team already on Board

  • Progress Updates
    • Construction of Access Road and other site enabling works completed
    • Detailed Engineering Design in advanced stage
    • Land Acquisition substantially completed
    • Construction activities commenced at site by CE Construction Pvt. Ltd.
    • Electromechanical Works on progress by TPSC (I) Pvt. Ltd.
    • Financial Closure signed with Lead Bank Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. and Participating Bank Siddhartha Bank Ltd.
    • Full-fledged construction ongoing at various work fronts
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