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Middle Mewa Hydropower Project - 49 MW

Salient Features Project Developed By

Mewa Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Located at a distance of 700 Km northeast of Kathmandu, Middle Mewa Hydropower project is one of the very few Peaking Run of River type projects in Nepal. The project is proposed in Mewa river in Taplejung District of eastern Nepal. The project shall utilize the design discharge of 12.56 m3/s to generate 49 MW of electricity with daily peaking of 6 hours. The project is accessible through a 32 km of access road from Banande Bazar located at Mechi Highway. After the award of civil contract on 3rd January 2020, mobilization of civil contractor commenced. At present, the construction and upgradation of infrastructures along with site enabling works are advancing in full-fledged manner.

  • Progress Updates
    • Feasibility Study completed
    • Geophysical and Geotechnical investigation completed
    • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) study report approved
    • Detail Engineering Design completed
    • Design Review of Headworks in progress
    • Sediment sampling and laboratory analysis completed
    • Physical modeling and Numerical modeling of Headworks structure in progress
    • Civil works Contractor mobilization commenced in January 2020; Basic setup completed
    • Other site enabling works in progress
    • Access Road development from Powerhouse to Headworks completed
    • Access Road construction to adits and surge shaft in progress
    • Installation of Bridge-1 completed; Foundation works of Bridge-2 in progress
    • Detailed survey and preparation of detailed design report of Transmission Line (TL) for construction power completed; survey license of the respective transmission line under process
    • Preparatory works for diversion tunnel portal in progress
    • Detail Design of Transmission line for power evacuation in progress
    • Bidding document preparation and design of Hydromechanical Works in an advanced stage
    • Bidding document preparation of Electromechanically Works in an advanced stage