Dudhkoshi-9 Hydropower Project - 111 MW

Project Developed By
Salient Features
  • Installed capacity: 111 MW
  • Project Location: Mikhwa Khola Rural Municipality, Solukhumbu District, Province - 1
  • Type of Scheme: Run-of-River (RoR)
  • Gross Head: 300 m
  • Net Rated Head: 285 m
  • Design Discharge: 49.6 m3/s
  • Net Annual Energy: 572.18 GWh
  • Power Evacuation to: Tingla 2 Substation (Approx. 40 km from Powerhouse)
Project Brief

Dudhkoshi – 9 Hydropower Project lies in the middle reaches of Dudhkoshi river, which originates from the Himalayas. The project components are located at Solukhumbu District, Nepal between elevations of 2650 m and 2350 m above mean sea level, resulting in a gross head of about 300m. The Installed Capacity of the project is 111 MW, drawing a discharge of 49.60 m3/s. At present, the feasibility study of the project is underway.

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