Lower Jogmai Khola Hydropower Project - 6.2 MW

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Salient Features
  • Installed capacity: 6.2 MW
  • Project Location: Maijogmai Rural Municipality, Suryodaya Municipality and Ilam Municipality, Ilam district, Province-1
  • Type of Scheme: Run of River (RoR)
  • Gross Head: 133.1 m
  • Net Rated Head: 123.49 m
  • Design Discharge: 5.78 m3/s
  • Net Annual Energy: 35.919 GWh
  • Headrace pipe: 2995 m
  • Power Evacuation to: Godak Substation (4 km from Powerhouse)
Project Brief

Lower Jogmai Khola Hydropower Project is a simple Run-of-River type hydropower project located in Ilam District of eastern Nepal. The project lies at the end reach of Jogmai River within close proximity of Mai Beni Hydropower Project, where the river meets the Mai river. The Installed Capacity of the project is 6.2 MW. The project is easily accessible through a 3 km road from Mechi highway at Silpur which has been upgraded by the project. The project has embarked on construction since May 2019. Currently, full-fledged construction activities are ongoing.

Progress Updates
•    Updated Feasibility Study completed
•    Design review completed by International Consultant Integral S.A.
•    All the site facilitating works including the construction and upgradation of infrastructures completed
•    Detail Engineering Design completed
•    Financial Closure concluded with NMB Bank Ltd. as a lead bank and Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. as a member bank
•    Construction activities advancing in full swing 
•    Slab concreting of diversion weir completed; boulder riprap at diversion weir in progress
•    Construction of Protection wall, Intake, and Undersluice in progress
•    Construction of Gravel Trap, Approach Canal and Settling Basin in progress
•    Excavation at Headrace pipe alignment ongoing from different fronts
•    Excavation and construction of anchor blocks in progress
•    Partial installation of Jogmai pipe crossing and concreting casing at respective area completed
•    Base raft and shear wall of Powerhouse completed; Column and beam construction in progress at Powerhouse
•    Design of Electromechanical and Hydromechanical equipment substantially completed
•    Installation of earth mat and embedded pipes at Powerhouse completed
•    Manufacture of EOT crane & Draft tube completed and dispatched; Manufacture of Turbine, Generator, & Transformer in progress
•    Headrace pipes being delivered to site; Installation of branch pipe at the straight portion completed
•    Concreting works of Intake and Undersluice embedded gate parts have been completed
•    Construction of permanent camp ongoing

Key Milestones
Power Purchase Agreement – Mar 2018

Power Purchase Agreement was signed with Nepal Electricity Authority in March 2018.

Generation License – Jun 2019

Generation License was obtained from the Department of Electricity Development in June 2019.

Start of Construction – Jun 2019

The project embarked on construction in June 2019 after the award of civil works contract to CE construction.

Financial Closure – May 2019

Financial closure was concluded in May 2019 with NMB Bank Ltd. as a lead bank and Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. as a member bank.

Required Commercial Operation Date - Jul 2021

The Required Commercial Operation Date (RCOD) as per the power purchase agreement is Jul 2021.

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