Upper Myagdi - 1 Hydropower Project - 53.5 MW

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Salient Features

•    Installed Capacity: 53.5 MW
•    Project Location: Dhaulagiri and Malika Rural Municipalities, Myagdi District, Gandaki Province
•    Types of Scheme: Run of River (RoR)
•    Gross Head: 196.30 m
•    Net Rated Head: 184.42 m
•    Design Discharge (at 39.4% PoE): 33.50 m3/s
•    Net Annual Energy: 311.77 GWh
•    Headrace Tunnel: 5747.50 m
•    Power Evacuation to: Dadakhet Substation (1.5 km from Powerhouse)

Project Brief

Located at a distance of 320 Km North-West of Kathmandu, the Upper Myagdi-1 Hydropower Project (UM-1HPP) with an installed capacity of 53.5 MW is a Run-of-River (ROR) type of project. The project proposed in the Dhaulagiri and Malika Rural Municipalities of Myagdi District, Gandaki Province, Nepal is sited on the Myagdi Khola (River). The headworks is proposed at Khamla, 200m downstream of the confluence of the Myagdi & Mudi Rivers, and the powerhouse is proposed 350m upstream of the confluence of the Marang & Myagdi Rivers. The project lies in between the elevations of 1367.80 m and 1171.5 m above mean sea level.

Progress updates

  • Approval of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been obtained
  • Generation License Obtained
  • Detail Engineering Design has been Completed
  • Construction of Employer's Initial Camp Completed
  • Construction of Army Barrack and Bunker Completed
  • Feasibility and Brief Environmental Study (BES) for 33 kV TRL for Construction Power is Completed
  • 33 kV Construction Power Line is near Completion
  • Project access road track is Completed 
  • Design of RCC Box Culvert at Powerhouse over Marang Khola is Completed
  • Land Acquisition of Private Land for Permanent Structure is Ongoing
Key Milestones
EIA Approval - May 2019

Approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report obtained in May 2019.

Generation License - February 2020

Generation License was obtained from the Department of Electricity Development in February 2020.

Transmission line Survey License Obtained - Dec 2020

Transmission line Survey License Obtained from Department of Electricity Department in December 2020.

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